Jim Womack and Dan Jones, the authors of the book titled “Lean Thinking- Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation” provide a vision of a world transformed from mass production to lean enterprise and highlight huge amount of waste: Muda(wide range of non-value-adding activities) ; Mura(irregularities) , and Muri(overburden) inherent in organizational systems.


There is always a room for improvement in and out of a system because every system has a huge amount of waste embedded in all its processes that translate to products /or services. It is the ruthless and systemic elimination of both tangible and intangible wastes that philosophy and practice of “Lean” is centered on.


The Lean wide enterprise focuses on the entire supply chain of companies and organizations to create more values for their customers, increases tremendous benefits to their short productivity and long term prospects.


The wide applications of Lean methodology, techniques and tools over the years has proved that Lean Wide Enterprise is applicable to all categories of organizations including Service, Manufacturing, Health, Government, Education, Oil and Gas, etc., and this is the reason, Oludoy Dynamix Consulting Limited (www.oludoydynamix.com.ng): Centre for Continuous Improvement and Decision Science), is collaborating with Lean Advisors, Inc., a leading Lean learning and consulting firm.


Lean Advisors, Inc. has over 20 years of working throughout North America with private and public institutions. They have developed effective interactive online learning for acquiring practical Lean knowledge through online training and certifications on

  • Lean Yellow Belt Certification
  • Lean Green Belt Certification

Check the details on http://www.leanadvisors.com/lean-training

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